Egremont hotel and Watermelon Patch Pub
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About the Owners - Graham and Colleen Waterman 

Graham and Colleen Waterman took possession of the Egremont Hotel in mid-2003 after  retiring from careers in Fort McMurray.  Finding the Egremont Hotel awoke old dreams of tending a cozy Country Inn and Pub.  Graham and Colleen are constantly striving to improve their beloved hotel.  They say "We would like our Hotel to be a genuine, viable asset to the community of Egremont."

Fun Fact!! The name of the Watermelon Patch Lounge came about from a nickname given to Graham during his career in Fort McMurray.  His colleagues at the time, saw it fit to dub him 'Watermelon' because of his distinctive last name, Waterman.

The pair also enjoy participating in local parades and dress up as - what else? Watermelons!

Graham and Colleen were delighted to receive the 2007 "Business Excellence Award" from Growth Alberta, a government-backed organization which promotes small businesses in the province.

Watch the video which was shot on location and shown at the Growth Alberta awards. (Media player or Quicktime Video required - mpg format)




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